With an emphasis on creating products that do more good than harm, Nyesha’s skincare line is small yet formidable and her insights are as essential as her products. Okay, enough praise from us! Hear what the creator of Natural Mystic, has to say. 

What made joining the skin care/beauty industry important to you?

Since its inception, the skincare/beauty industry has profited off of people’s insecurities and emphasized artificial beauty standards — it has made people believe that they can literally buy beauty in a bottle. As a result, the beauty industry has gotten away with selling some super harmful products, and people blindly consume them in the name of achieving perfected beauty. I wanted to combat these problems by creating a product line that emphasized natural beauty with natural ingredients instead of perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards.

What’s your favorite skincare/beauty product?

Right now my favorite product is natural mystic’s zen hydration jelly. It’s the perfect lightweight moisturizer for summer, and since it’s aloe-based, it doubles as a coolant for sunburn! I also love Glossier’s haloscope in rose quartz. It’s a dew effect highlighter infused with genuine rose quartz, which I think is super cool. It also comes in moonstone and topaz.

How does art influence you?

Art influences me to create and express myself, uninhibited. Art provides me with the space to think creatively and freely. It is limitless and knows no boundaries, which starkly contrasts with today’s society. And art isn’t this elitist, intangible thing that only exists in bougie art galleries or museums, it’s everywhere. Whether through painting, drawing, photography, creating collages, writing, or developing new natural mystic products — art is all about creating and releasing energy for me.

If you had one wish, what would it be?

I would wish for endless wishes because one wish is too limiting!

Describe yourself in two sentences or less.

I am an introverted, hardworking, creative-minded, soulful young stunna!

What’s your spirit animal?

As a cancer, the animal I identify with most is the crab — small and introverted, yet fierce and feisty.

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